Vicki Traylor, MFT--Managing Emotions

People often talk about being afraid of the so-called "negative" emotions: fear, anger, sadness, etc. This is usually because they've never learned how to express them in healthy and constructive ways or have seen them expressed in unhealthy and destructive ways, manifested as emotional repression, explosiveness & violence, or guilt. Repressed emotions can lead to emotional and physical problems. Explosive or uncontrollable emotions produce conflict, and both modes can lead to addictive behaviors. Learning to express feelings in a safe way can be empowering and even fun!

  • Express emotions in creative ways.
  • Talking about it does help, by reducing isolation and loneliness.
  • Learn to express anger without harming yourself or others.
  • Resolve old feelings, instead of pretending (or hoping) they aren't there.
  • Explore genetic and physiological aspects of emotions.

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