Vicki Traylor, MFT--Infertility and Adoption

Over five million people of childbearing age in the United States have difficulty concieving a child. For those who want children this can be a painful experience, often leading couples to re-evaluate not only their desire for children but also their relationships and self-images. My goal is to help them:

  • Deal with family and friends.
  • Address the issues of questioned "manhood" or "womanhood".
  • Resolve hidden or overt resentment and guilt ("whose fault is it?" issues)
  • Know what to expect, providing support and education about medical procedures.
  • Keep their relationship strong during infertility treatment.

There are others who wish to have children, who for various reasons might consider adoption as a way to start or add to their family. And there are many women faced with unplanned pregnancies, dealing with a multitude of issues regarding their choices, and the feelings that accompany such a choice--fear, grief, guilt or confusion.

Adopting a child can be a happy, joyous time, but the time, expense and bureaucracy involved can cause a great deal of stress. Frustration with the entire process can lead to strife or marital conflict. Knowing what to expect can ease this, and my experience assisting people through adoptions has been a very rewarding one. Some of the services I provide are:

  • For adopting couples, support and education through the adoption process.
  • For birthparents, aid in understanding options and their emotional consequences, dealing with grief, loss and the many changes they face.
  • For adult (over 18) adoptees, aid in birthparent searches and facilitation of reunification.
  • Strategies for parenting special-needs children.

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